The FileMaker Developer’s Network is a ‘loosely‘ associated set of FileMaker developers and development companies which share a commitment to the client beyond all. This way sound like an obvious goal, but many developers struggle between a balance of being specialize enough to be a ‘ace’ within their field and being familar will all the ‘other’ related technology.

The reality is that their is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ developer, mentor, or coach. Many smaller developers offer better value than a large development firm; however, they often find times when their availability is limited and/or their skill-set is not ideal for the current phase of a project.

The concept of this ‘group’ is that we can work together to ‘share’ projects and/or parts of a project so that the client gets a superior level of service no matter how the project may change through it lifecycle.

[tabs slidertype=”top tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]For the Client[/tabtext] [tabtext]For the Developer[/tabtext] [tabtext]For the Project Manager[/tabtext] [tabtext]For the Salesman[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]As a client, you want to make sure that there is a ‘checks and balances’ system in place to assure that your coding is being done well and within acceptable timeframes. The persumption is that if all the skills and time required to define, design, and double-check a developer’s code; then you most likley would be doing your own coding.

By utilizing a ‘design team’, you will have at least two experainced developers working on your project.

  • Colaboration almost always produces better code/ more attractive interfaces
  • If a developer and/or project manager does not have time/ skills to continue, the project can go on
  • A Project Manager checks code and approves the ‘billable’ time and confirms that time

[/tab] [tab]As a developer, you want to be able to develop- not speand time selling, colecting, etc.

[/tab] [tab]


As a project manager, you have years of experaince of working with development projects, but just don’t have the time to do everything yourself. Our perspective is that the project manager should be the ‘architect’ of a solution- he/she sketches out a concept based off of client requirements, and then when a developer returns a project, they can look at it and say ‘yes, that was my vision’ [/tab] [tab]As a salesman, trying to find quality developers is a real challenge. FileMaker is a niche market, and even among FileMaker developers, there is a huge difference in the levels of expertise.

By working with FM Developer’s Network members, you get to utilize quality professionals who are experainced with working within the FileMaker community and the FileMaker Platform. No more hiring ‘developers’ who are learning FileMaker throughout your project because they think that FileMaker is ‘close enough’ to other environments.

At this stage, you have seen no mention of rates- that because the projects and/or the clients set the rates (hopefully at fair market value). The payment structure of the FM Developer’s Network is based on percentages; therefore if a project is very basic and does not require ‘senior-level’ developers, it can be quoted at an appropiate rate. Likewise, if a developer just needs a ‘complex feature’ written within a larger solution, they can ‘contract’ this piece out and still make money on work that is outside of their skillset and/or available schedule.


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Finally… a User Group which is fiscally viable


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